Who wants the world? Alternative ambitions for the disillusioned - Ian Merrill

About the book

A manual for the disillusioned ~ part Japanese zen, a little bit existential post-war Paris ~ and mostly a modern cosmic truth forgotten in time. In his new thought-provoking book, Ian Merrill investigates the origins and strange nature of our everyday goals and ambitions and reveals why their attainment will rarely bring us the happiness we hope for.

He examines the myths of ambition, and the often malevolent forces that entice us to sacrifice our lives in slavery to a false idea of a future happiness ~ a happiness that depends entirely upon personal achievement.
Understanding these myths opens the door to a rich life now, and the primary purpose of all sentient beings that has been forgotten among the hysteria and noise of modern culture.

Drawing on personal experiences, human stories and religious and philosophical texts, here are suggestions of alternative ambitions based on some often unpalatable truths that we prefer to ignore, and the simple realities of being human in a universe indifferent to our needs.

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Who is Ian Merrill?

IanMerrillIan is an author and barefoot sociologist. Born in the north of England, Ian has spent the past 11 years living in rural France with his two children and a host of chickens, dogs and cats.

He was a journalist for a variety of British newspapers and worked at publishing companies such as Haper Collins.

He holds exclusive country retreats at his home; his intensive courses use a variety of techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy, yoga, meditation, counselling and theatre and art workshops.

Ian is the author of two other books: the semi-autobiographical Coq and Bull – Going mad in Normandy and the psychological novel She Eats Souls.


If you would like to contact Ian or his agent, please use the form below.